This is going to hurt just a little bit 2

(Apologies to Sir Odgen Nash)


At the risk of sounding gruesome, 

Our endeavors always aim,

For a harmonious thirty-twosome.

Be rest assured

With your will to be cured,

We’ll help you brace for what’s to come.


For the caramels and candies that you so love, 

Are such a hit with the bugs too.

(And you’re only too willing to serve!)

In your chompers they house,

As quiet as a mouse,

Till they borrow their way right through.


And the poor pearlies that you thought were tough,

 Torture you all through the night.

It’s till you’ve had very nearly enough,

That you finally dare,

To overcome your scare,

And visit us to set things right.


Presenting with very little choice, 

But to go drilling and filling ’em out.

While ensuring your poise.

We get you comfortably numb

Then clean out those crumbs

Nimbly enough so that you don’t shout!


For it’s the inherent fault in our anatomies-

Mere two sets of pearlies endowed.

Those high maintenance set of teeth-gummies

With a hundred crevices,

Needing special devices,

(If that humble brush, you’ve disallowed.)


And it certainly isn’t always fun, 

To stare down ones gullet,

Aiming an ultraviolet gun.

And trust me,  no mask, 

Has lived up to the task, 

Of filtering halitosis, that hits like a bullet!


So, in defence of all things dental, some facts need be verified.

All pains are both physical and mental

It’s the prospect of cure,

(With some contrition I’m sure)

That tends to leave one terrified.



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Written by Sai

When thoughts began to rhyme,
And lines found a heartbeat,
I transformed from a dentist to a poet.

Under the Amaltas Tree

And you say Iโ€™m not in harmony