The Yak

The Yak

In all its glory

In its heavy, massive body

Walked through the green paddy fields

Step-by-step, climbing the hill

It stood mid-way, and glanced around

As if longing for its own ground


Aiming the altitude far

It soared higher

To find its boy

Who wasn’t anywhere to be found

Since days now


Slow, steady, with hope anew

The Yak moved further

Atop the hill, it saw a few men, together

In ecstasy, it made a strange sound

With footsteps faster

It neared them    

But Alas, it wasn’t its boy, any of them!


The road had now, met its end

The Yak, saddened, began to descend

For a journey, tougher than before

For it had lost, all hope at fore


With a heart heavier and steps slower

The Yak reached its new shelter

The shelter that wasn’t its home

Where its new master

Sheared it, as and when

and fed it, like a hen


Every morning, the Yak longed too see its boy’s face

For the little talks and mischievous plays

In greed of love and smiling days


The Yak missed its boy, its Master and companion

Who talked to it, while it grazed

Who played with it on the slopy terrain

And took its wool, in Summer, when it gave no pain!


The Yak lived on

In Hope

to see

its Boy,

once again!


Image Credit: Monika Kubala (Unsplash)


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Written by Nitika Sawhney

I am an aspiring writer. I'm still discovering my strengths and learning the art of poetry and prose.

Professionally, I'm into Internal Communications and feel blessed to have a work life that is closely related to what I am passionate about, Writing :)

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