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The Warm Victory

The million dew drops 

glittering on the grass 

chase away the stars 

to twilight yonder.


The early morning light

struggles to penetrate 

through the blanket of fog 

the city is tucked in!


The silver Sun’s rays 

hop over the mist 

like a naked foot 

on the winter marble floor!


The pale perturbed trees 

that flank the roads

stand frozen and still 

predicting the inevitable!  


*  * *  * * *


The Gold laden rays progress better, 

with each passing winter, 

thanking the skyscrapers that replace the trees!


And the mighty trees, 

shrivelled to ornamental crotons 

on high-rise balconies,


inhale the smog and shiver for life

in search of chillness 

in the warm winter breeze! 


Photo By: Rihaij


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