The Untold Truth of The Celebrity

She was a woman with the most beautiful face,

Many followed her all along

admiring her curves and utmost grace.

She had all the comforts

that a woman could possibly possess –

Wealth, fame and anything you would name;

But deep down in her heart there was an unheard voice,

That time and again reminded her

of the broken promises of the men she had loved,

Those lonely days with none to embrace her

and the sleepless nights raging like a tempest;

About the vile people

to whose desires she had succumbed,

the backstabbers and trolls who had made her life miserable.

She often remembered

that quaint little cottage

where she had spent her innocent childhood,

The days filled with mirth with the family she had then.

But yet –

She quietly subdued the truth with layers of concealment,

Attributing the predicament to her meteoric growth.


The biggest lie that she told herself always, every time,

was that she was the happiest person

that one could possibly wish to be.

Picture : From Unsplash

Photographer – Valerie elash


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