The untold story

The media covered news

Of the politico who died

Television, newspapers, social media

Pictures flashed everywhere

As his body lies in state

His biography chronicled with his greatness

Lies of benevolence and generosity

A band of faithful followers

Crocodiles in tears

Blare out his goodness and public spirit

But the inside story yet

Still remains untold.

Somewhere an old man dies

Close family and friends cries

Alas the brave soldier left

Funeral with Honor and attention bereft

Only a few remember

His stories of heroic deeds

Battles fought valiantly

For the nation and a family

It was his job the state’s man said

As a wreath he laid

But the land mourned his loss

On his gravestone they emboss

“Known unto God”

– Pradnya Surve


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Written by Pradnya Surve

PP Pioneer


The understanding one…