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The Unlikely.


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The little calf grunted in dismay,

His mommy, siblings had been washed away.

Alone, he lay there, groaning,

Till he was rescued, one morning!


A 650 pound calf, he was named Owen, you see.

Placed in an aviary with a 130 year old tortoise, Mzee.

Mzee, at first, didn’t like to share his space,

Made snapping noises when he saw Owen’s face.


By and by the two took baby steps,

Towards co-existence, friendship, guess what came next?

Mzee became guide and mentor to orphaned Owen,

They feature in many books, websites, happily roaming.


Pic credit: Goodreads

This happened in Kenya, during a Tsunami Owen’s family was lost. Owen was rescued, kept with Mzee and their unlikely friendship remains for all to see 


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

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