The Unaccounted Pain

Covered in the warmth of my quilt white as a cloud,

I felt the morning rays shining aloud.

The stubborn heart ignored the Sun and dozed off again,

The Sun left me and arrived the shrewd  thunder with rain,

The raindrops knocked at my French window pane,

Unfolding myself in my manifold dress,

Stretching out of the tight embrace of my cosy bed,

The  morning zombie, found her love, the cup of Tea,

Gazing longingly on the drops of rain, my hands tried to feel it, but in vain.

I saw kids getting down the rickshaw, I heard driver shouting all aboard,

I saw a wrinkled, toothless smile, drinking the manna dew,

I saw two lovers in an umbrella, still drenched in rain planting a kiss,

I saw my crape jasmine too enjoying the bliss,

Ah! blessed are they, enjoying the little things, I felt an unaccounted pain!


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Written by Aarti Roy

A free soul, passionate dancer and wordsmith❤️

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