The silence story of a mom..

one became two and life has made my silent moments few ..

I no more know the silence code,

For now I have all my senses in an “all day working mode “!

-eyes to see all the cute plays and to not see all their Wrestling ways,

-ears to hear sweet voices also not to hear their big noises ,

-hands to give them a full embrace  and stop them from a troublesome race ,

-mouth to sing for them sweet songs and give advices very very very long !

-nose to enjoy their sweet smells and to retreat from the result of all their tummy swells!

It sure feels I have no silence inner , outer or middle or anywhere

But guess what ,?!

This is the best course of life now and I would not exchange this even for a little bit of the silence vow!


What do you think?


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Written by Radhika

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