The secret

When fixating on a cold-hearted screen was alien,

When working out unbending words was absent,

When ready-made, friendly words, pacified doubts,

When notes from tomes was the sole writing work-out…

When dissecting the elements in others’ creations,

Spelled passion-dispassion, in equal measure…

An outsider I was, couldn’t decipher the secret,

Behind their steady smile, sans rage or regret,

‘Wasn’t criticism akin to defeat in a battle?’, I wondered,

After building the kingdom of book with such great effort…

Only when I ventured out in a similar direction,

 I unearthed a few codes to the writer’s secret,

The truths that dawn upon him in the solitary trail,

How he weaves them into the space between the lines.

How some connotations remain solely with the writer,

Even as the world reads the body, disassembling the content,

The calm, resolute smile became crystal clear,

Empowering him to conquer the ostensible despair.


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  1. I have no idea how you do it, each time, Moonmoon. The words you weave and the message it highlights. Indeed a writer’s work is a writer’s baby, be it Chetan Bhagat or Rowling or even ourselves. Others are free to interpret it asbthey wish, but in the end the essence and meaning is known and private to the writer herself/ himself.
    Well done.💚

  2. Wow! What an insight into the writer’s journey!
    “Only when I ventured out in a similar direction,
    I unearthed a few codes to the writer’s secret,”

    How true these lines are! We understand and empathise a writer’s journey only because we ourselves walk this trail. Beautifully portrayed.

    • Thank you, dear Mumtaz. I was quite ashamed of the creation, once i had submitted it… what does a hobbyist know about the trials and tribulations of a true writer, after all? Thanks for the kindness and encouragement. <3 <3 <3

  3. This is so true and meaningful, Moonmoon. Some nuances, some meanings are just for the writer. Others may try to interpret the work their way, even run it down but the joy of creation is for the writer only. And this we come to realize only when we attempt writing something of our own and face criticism. Thank you for writing this stunning piece.

    • Have been trying to write poetry for the last one year, but I mostly still stutter. Hope I’d keep at it and continue to be inspired by and learn from all of you. I am so grateful to this platform and to all of you for reading and encouraging me.
      Hats off to you for the brilliant imagery that you weave into your poetry, dear Sonali. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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