The Scars


Let me tell you

About the  little patches

Of brown and red

That you see,

Scattered across my soul.

You cringe.

Many do :  others look away.

They are ugly – those patches, 

 Interspersed with the white parts of my soul.

 I wear them like a badge.

For they tell me how I broke

Into smithereens

And lay scattered

Like acerbic words

Strewn randomly.

They tell me

How my breath kept flowing

Even in the dark.

Did I tell you about spirits that never die?

Let my healed wounds speak.


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Written by Jaya Pillai

A teacher and a learner - both by passion and profession. Music, cooking, reading, writing, traveling and all kind of creative stuff keep meΒ  going . You are not likely to catch me in a crowd. Instead, you might find me taking a walk on semi dark eveningsΒ  talking to the stars or thinking

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