The Rescue!

The floors quivered, and the walls cracked

Right beneath, a whole family had collapsed


The turbulence continued, taking away the crowd

Few resonated cries, others were heard loud


Moments later, there was complete standstill

Survivors ran, fetching others from the debris


Kids of all ages tried hard to crawl out

As leftover dirt fell inside out


Those seen first were brought out fast

The rescued ones saw others depart


The only sounds heard were

Me, He, She, There and Here


But all this made one thing very clear,

When its about life, every soul says,

β€œWhat’s in a Name? Nothing!”



What do you think?


Written by Nitika Sawhney

I am an aspiring writer. I'm still discovering my strengths and learning the art of poetry and prose.

Professionally, I'm into Internal Communications and feel blessed to have a work life that is closely related to what I am passionate about, Writing :)

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