The Reminiscent Soul!

I come here every dawn

With a wait in these bright eyes

Perhaps someday my soul won’t be 

empty anymore

Perhaps someday the wind won’t dry 

my salty cheeks

Perhaps someday we will meet again


The morning glory blooms

brightening the eastern fringe

His brushstrokes gradually painting

the other fractions of the blue canvas

I admire the energetic fireball

its relentless struggle to glow

no matter how stormy the night was

it never forgets to rise and shine,

somewhere my lanky soul

strives to become like the Sun,


I watch the pristine lake 

change its colour

from black to purple to orange

hues that help me purge 

the lingering traces of yore,

the rippling waves crawl near my feet

calming my anxious desires

teaching me the art of patience,


the cheerful sky enjoys it’s

colourful drape


Nature’s marvels amaze the human eye

the scattered fluffy petals wander

aimlessly, scouring every inch

of this blue planet

perhaps searching an abode to rest, 


I always relish the taste of 

the morning breeze 

it’s sweeter than honey

refreshing, rejuvenating 

its chill blends effortlessly in the 

warm winter sun and

the crisp dews tingle my taste buds 

that familiar flavour

that striking aroma, 

Ah! the sweetness of your last kiss, 


the flocks are ready for a new day

today they’ll again glide 

over foreign paths, make new friends

hover over unfamiliar timberlands

quench their thirst in exotic waters

will witness anonymous faces

but with sundown, they’ll return

to their cosy cottage, the safest nest

with a spirit to fly tomorrow

with a wish to fulfil.💚

Pic Courtesy: 123rf


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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