The Promise of Return

Ever  noticed the pebbles in the ocean,

How smooth – dainty they seem,

Lost in themselves,

Still their colour, intact in their being.

I must have been amongst them once,

And you, like waves would have rushed past me,

I would have gone with you, too

A little far,

Drenched in the wetness of yours,

But then I would have stopped.

This is my home,

Where else do I go,

Beyond this colored world.

This world that has been for centuries,

Rubbing itself in what hope,

forlorn- in the hope of a chimaera,

Or Alladin’s djinn.

But they remain as if forever

As if time had no being.

It is only the waves that froth.

But do not the waves need to return

To where there is home?

So, I sit here in your wait.

You keep moving

The shore awaits you.

See what has she in store,

An enchantment of a story,

Or a hue and cry over the castles

you broke.

How hard you tried saving those!

Take these, some shells and pearls for her.

She might wear them as gifts of love

Or return them to you.

Give my hello to her and say

On my behalf,

It might be centuries of yours going to her,

And seeking love,

But in the end

To me you have to return.

Okay, leave it,

don’t say anything to her.

I give you the right to

Be loved and love her,

But don’t forget the promise,

Of return.


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Written by Sureen0310

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