The pendulum

It seems like riding the roller coaster

Without a start or an end

Like the ebb and flow

Running in my veins.

I cannot tell what drives it.

Chance or circumstance,

My thoughts, or your words,

That make me shrivel, smaller than an atom

Or fill me, to inhabit the whole universe.

For I still look around in wonder

Of a lost child,

Just like the old days

And reconcile to my self-

It is just the weight of my existence

That keeps me swinging forever,

Hooked to your destiny,

Moved by your gravity,

Leading or lagging,

Lingering, yet going on

Without respite, rewind, or release.


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  1. So well you have associated the oscillatory motion with human thought riding as roller coaster. And how you joined gravity to uncontrolled drivably force unseen and yet felt…
    Very beautiful and creative work. Admirations.

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