The Pearly White Gates beckon

As I stand outside the pearly white gates

He asks, how was it

It was all, but a dream,

With misty eyes, and a knotted throat , I say

He blankets me in his embrace

And in his warmth,

The mist fades away

Into a flurry, acrid and incessant

Nudges my palate,

With the familiar taste of the tears

Much too often, I have fed

In pails, to nurse my bruised soul

Shed all, that you have left

In the tiniest grains of your existence

For once, you set foot

In the realms of these pearly white gates

The dream that you thought was

Will deliquesce in the deep oblivion

A dream, new and pristine

Will begin, transcending barriers all

No more will you be on trial

For your acumen, for your prudence

For you were always free,

From the shackles of deceit, debauchery

The truth shall set you free

Away from the web of lies

In a halo, warding off the honey smitten venomous love

A dream, new, shall begin

For you have the purest heart of them all

And inside the realms of those pearly white gates

No treason, no betrayal, no lies

Shall ever touch your soul

The elixir of those beaming amber rays

Will percolate the translucence of your being

And show the world, what you really were

Loved you will be more when those breaths abandon you

Bewail will those who reviled, a being so noble, so pure

Cursed will be their lives

For their breaths Will asphyxiate them blue

And buried they will be, under the load of borrowed breaths

Are good deeds sufficient to live life? Most often the messiah’s are punished for their nobility. The world may not give them their due, but in the world beyond, they are cherished and immortalized. The death of someone very noble, triggered this flurry of thoughts, and hence the poem.


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Written by Maneet Gulati Ahuja

A science enthusiast, pursuing my passion for imparting knowledge to young minds as a teacher, I thrive in the inquisitive company of the younger generation. I am an over-thinker when the thoughts tend to swarm every pore of my consciousness, I find solace in the verses of poetry, There are times when I feel overwhelmed with the ways of the world, poetry is my respite in those times. For me, poetry is both liberating and empowering. I am an ardent nature lover and the only legacy that I would like to leave for my children is a healthier and cleaner earth. Most of the verses that flow in my mind are a mingling of words and an inherent longing for a better place to live

Hush, Salty Heart!

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