The Online Life

Covid-19 stories were doing rounds for some time,

Indians were least prepared to prevent the growth of its regime,

The rise of cases all over the country made it a topic prime,

The government swung into action to fight against this crime.


To prevent its spread, social distancing was the only option,

Lockdown in the country was announced to control this eruption,

Normal life faced unknown challenges due to distortion,

Every human being and every aspect of living faced disruption.


Education was the most affected sector in every aspect,

The direct contact between teacher and student was perfect,

Lockdown caused both the parties to adopt online connect,

While children lost interest, teachers felt they lost respect.


The most experienced teachers were the most affected,

To shift to technology was not easy as they felt disconnected,

Taking baby steps, they learned techniques to get connected,

Though they conducted online lectures, they were unsatisfied.


The lockdown and online lectures made one thing clear,

Though the teacher would be angry sometimes and inflict a tear,

The offline mode of teaching was the best and dear,

The bonding could not happen and everyone wasted a year.


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  1. Very well said. The Pandemic is terrible and indeed education has been hit. My son entered standard 12th last year and till now we are waiting for the Boards. With Mumbai, the maximum city, having Covid casea piling up, the situation is grim

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