The night symphony

Treacherous he, the moon , keeps changing his disguised attires

Atta boy! He’s eloquent in his coquetry

Beware the nocturnal sky

He’s a wanderlust resilient

Who travels the colonial stars

In stark lonesome hours of the dark

The beau, blooms too, shy coyly

Breaking in cold sweat, in love with the caressing zephyr

Virgin dew drops resurface on the swooning scarlets

The tall ornamental grasses rustle

While the outrageously beautiful peonies bloom fluffy

In lush foliages, catering to the night splendors.

The katydids play in the interludes

As the symphony of the night garden

Hosts a concert of sizzling sagas

Under the radiance of the brimming moon and the ebullient stars

A night Where nature is the lover!


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Written by Daisy Bala

I’m a blogger, author and poet who loves nature and derives her musings from the ethereal natural beauty around her. I write in English and Hindi both the languages!

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