The Night Garden

The breeze picked up a serenading demeanor

It romanced with perfumes of the haven

The scents diffused in the oxidizing dark sky

With indigo lavender hues in the star spangled palette of night.

The blossoms of lustful creamy gardenias and gleeful lilies

Swayed in jaunty spirits and shadows of the foliages

Making a livid statement .

Succulent magnolias brazen in the moonlight

While the days eye sedated in enchanted bliss

The manifestations of the glittery hour

Deepened lavishly with each passing moment.

The unspoken unheard sentiments of a luminescent saga

Rekindled the flame of the coquettish breezes

The decadent blooms kept lingering in the calming silences

The fireflies redolent as messengers of magic

burned like a million iotas bright.

The faded moonlit glorious night

flowed like a rhapsody, in whimsical melodies

The garden of aromas burnt like midnight affair!


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Written by Daisy Bala

I’m a blogger, author and poet who loves nature and derives her musings from the ethereal natural beauty around her. I write in English and Hindi both the languages!


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