The Maze of Lines

They lay all around
In grey, brown and black.

My heart lurched,

Making me stumble and gasp.


Where do they lead?

Everywhere, nowhere.

With blurry eyes, I stared

Helpless as the maze chocked me.


Huddling into my thin coat,

I sat invisible on the small rock

As cars whizzed by

On the busy highway of life.


House on Street No. 14,

My home, my heaven.

It no more made me smile,

The memories too painful to bear.


Don’t burn your bridges,

Some advised. I nodded.

Mend your bridges when you have a chance,

Others said. I nodded.


Where was the bridge?

I couldn’t help but wonder.

The asphalt, iron, and mud,

Never led me anywhere.


Lines- that’s all they were,

Irregular and senseless, like my mind.

No wishing tar could help me find,

A lane that led me to my lost soul.


Photo By: Ashley Batz




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Written by Srivalli Rekha

An MBA graduate, Srivalli Rekha also has an MA in English Literature. She loves to write, blog, cook, take pictures, draw and craft silly things. Nature is her greatest inspiration.
Her works have been a part of Sweek Flash Fiction Book 1 & 3, SweekStars 2018 Book, Tales From the Cliff, Tales From the Toybox, 72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games Volume IV, VI, & VII by Writer’s Workout, Hawk’s Nest by ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications, The Way We Were by Poetry Planet Publishing House, Arise from the Dust Anthology by Let’s Make Stories, Indian Summer in Verses by Plethora Blogazine and Writersgram, Route 13: Highway To Hell and Blood Runs Cold by The Hive. Violets in Hand and The House of Justice, her self-published ebooks are available on Amazon.
Her works will be part of Hawk’s Flight and Rewind Poetry Collection by ArtoonsInn Room9 Publications, The Women That I Am Anthology by RRxMM.

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