The Lost Princess!

I saw her today, again

same innocent curve

adorned her ruddy lips

inquisitive eyes pierced the soul, again

glossy brown locks tickled her flawless face

She peeked, waved, whispered

Her silent words echoed in the frosty night.


She basked while

strolling in the garden

Gossiping with my sleepy friends

Enjoying the midnight bliss

Swaying on the ragged jute swing

as if She knew this place,

as if they all belonged to her,

I watched her blendΒ with the changing scenes.


She sat by the fountain,

tossed a few rose petals

one by one into the water

rolled the colourful pebbles

that had pictures of the bygone days

crooned that happy old tune

friends song, the spring song;

mesmerized,Β I listened to her mellifluous ballad.


She hurried inside my house

I rushed; she, comfortably swinging

In my old man’s arms,

the house echoed with hearty laughs

balloons, confetti, pastries, giggles, celebrations, a gleeful cacophony

Dressed in a pink-frill frock

she enjoyed as I stood immobile.


Sudden cackles, blowing conch

wrapped in red bridal attire she sat

by the fire,

a grownup girl, the man of her choice

beside her,

She gazed at me, her glossy eyes

hid the truth but promised a new beginning,


Daybreak, first rays of the

cascading gold meandered through her chasm

a curve still adorned her barren lips

countless queries clouded her raining eyes

her solitary arms craved for winter’s warmth

and again for the umpteenth time

I saw her melt in the morning, winter breeze! Β πŸ’š

Pic Courtesy: 123rf


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