The Longing Eyes

It’s night again and she is here,

Holding a lantern she waits for her seafarer.

Summer or rain, winter or spring,

She visits this place time and again.

With an aching heart and prayer on lips,

She never forgets her midnight trips.

It’s winter now and the earth feels frosty,

And the leafless tree enjoys it’s dormancy.

It’s bare branches covered with snow,

Yet the golden light helps it to glow.

With wait in her eyes she gazes at every ship,

Until the dawn rouses her from her teary kip.

She returns back with steps, dipped in sorrow,

But her hopeful heart still dreams of a gleeful tomorrow.

The undraped tree and the lantern, are her only companion,

That witnessed her forlorn love and undying passion.


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Written by Sonali Ray

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