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The Last Lecture

If I had to condense
whatever meant something, to me
into a Last Lecture
I wonder what it would be…

Love your parents,
they are gone too soon;
Of unconditional love
they are the epitome.

Family and friends –
cherish the bonds.
Work can wait. Yes it can!
Spare some time for the ‘me’

Hug your children often.
Have fun. Dream.
Learn new skills.
Cultivate a hobby.

Grace under pressure.
Let go. Heal.
Gratitude in the now.
Respect for all we see.

Grudges are foolish,
as is the pursuit of blind wealth.
The shroud as they say
has no pockets, sadly!

Live in the moment –
this moment is your life!
The only wealth you need,
is that of memories!

The wisdom of sages,
imparted through the ages,
through books and lecture pages –
Read. Please read! Imbibe. Read.

And last but not the least,
we are not here forever.
This life’s a special gift,
our stint on earth so fleeting;

Share. Care. Love. Celebrate.
Why wait for ‘The Last Lecture’;
let every moment of life,
a reflection of yourself, be!
Sabina Verma


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  1. You have charted out the path for living life to the fullest, and woven it all into a fantastic poem…awesome…agree wholeheartedly especially the part about reading…such a valid yet underrated point.

    • Thank you Ramya. If there’s one thing and only one that I could share with the world, it would be the beauty of reading… The world is out there to explore… Within the pages of a book! You are a kindred soul 💚💚

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