The Lantern Girl!

she lives on the opposite side

of this lane, 

there, in that blue mansion

adorned with mahogany stairs

at the entrance,

I see her from my window, 

every day, every night

She sits on the steps, every night

with the lantern by her side

waiting to hear some missing footsteps

craving to embrace that lost fragrance 

striving to listen again his frisky voice;

summer, winter, spring or rain

she never misses

perhaps heartbroken, 

I don’t know her

but then why do I feel that similar pain! 



that night it poured hard

creating puddles everywhere

the thunderstorm whipped 

on the tinted glass-window

dozing off the thick candles on 

her windowsill,

in the pitch dark thundering moment

the satin flower-printed curtains

danced in the moist breeze, 

in a shimmering white gown she

walked in, lighted the candle, 

placing it on the candelabrum 

besides the porcelain vase

but, the flickering blaze 

kissed a few petals

and the orchids soon

were reduced to ashes!



that night the snows partied 

in her balcony,

reclining in her bamboo swing

she sipped in coffee,

her dress soiled or my eyesight issues;

the windchime watched frozen,

the dangling tiny lantern soon

slipped into a deep slumber,

the cushioned archaic chairs 

wore a milky cape

the pots of colourful bouquets

smiled for the last time

before donning winter’s pearly blanket,

A deafening silence and the

ensuing morning, 

the greens disappeared!



that night she was lying in bed

the porcelain vase shards scattered

in her room,

the house still emitting burnt orchid

the satin curtains stood still

as if their feet chained, arms shackled;

in the balcony, the cup lay on the floor

ants licking the final traces of sugar

the crooked lantern still dangling effortlessly

the archaic chairs lost their lustre

silken threads are worn out

chipped, dusty, cobwebbed 

the parched pots are now the abode of

countless spiders, ants, 

the cracked earth didn’t receive a drop of rain, haven’t bloomed in years


and there she sits again, perhaps waiting

on the mahogany stairs

her golden locks caressed by the breeze

the lantern beside her, 

its fire unmoved

her eyes look up at me, she smiles

I don’t know her

but then why, my heart feels the pain!

Disturbing! πŸ’š


What do you think?


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