The Jubilant arc once nestled!


Jubilant arc once filled the sky of my heart

Nestled, and ecstasy it sent, made an art

My angelic mind radiated the hues of seven vibrant fantasy

I enjoyed every ounce of its symphony.


A magnificent sight, drawn within, in all its might

My heart  pumped the carefree air

And radiance played iridescent games everywhere

I formed wings for the whimsical journey

Filled with nature’s VIGYOR honey.


From my  rainbow, every color I did take

Violet imaginative fairy tales, I did make

Told them with the innermost indigo layer of my bosom, sincerity burst

Held everyone’s strawberry with the blue of my trust

Always felt like fresh lime tendril and its fragrance emanated

The first unconditional love inebriated.


Sunny infinite energy I possessed, that echoed the splashes of joy and ecstasy.

Crown I wore of oranges with the bang on majesties.


But, Alas!

While saving the last grain  of my childhood,

My wings broke, red I bled to dusky womanhood

Rainbow, with its impeccable eyes,

Watched the wings collapsed like a pack of cards, it too did die.


Since then, you never came back, O scintillating arc

Will you come again and nestle in my mind and heart ??

Pooja Mandla


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Written by Pooja Mandla

 Pooja is an educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She has a BSc in Medical, an M.Phil. in English literature and, a B.Ed. degree from Punjab(Chandigarh) University.

She loves to read, write, draw and travel. She finds inspiration from nature and the surrounding people. She is passionate about writing poems and is a regular contributor to several online platforms, where she has won many prizes. 

Her poems have been published in  11 anthologies so far by the various Publishing house and, a few are in process.  Two of her poems have recently been selected for two different anthologies by an International press called Sweetycatpress. Her poems have also been published in International magazines like Literoma and Innsaei Journals.

She has recently been awarded with the award of appreciation for the ANNUAL WORDSMITH AWARD 2021 by ASIAN LITERARY SOCIETY.

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