The insidious friend

The insidious friend

How can I tell my plight!

Oh, what a tangled web you had woven!

With the net of sugar-coated words,

And trapped me in the grip of fraudulence,

Only to send me in the deserts of  sorrows and teary ocean.

A sheer confusion, misdirection,

And a rope to the fake boat of temptation, you created,

Just to get the power and  strength, hun?


How can I tell the way you treated me, spread your lethal trap!

I thought you’re my well-wisher, but, you, a trickster?

I can’t forget the marvelous day that became the dark,

When we spent some time together,

You said, β€œLet’s take a bath in  the river together!”

Oh! Yes, you! Was it just to deceit me, Right?

You came out of the water, took my clothes,

Sprinkled on me some grains of bitterness and ran away!


O Crook, you eroded my strength and my very foundation.

As when I came out of the river,

The world saw me naked with sprinkled bitterness,

Turned their gaze away with rage

I then returned, disappeared, and hid in the abyss

Since then, you, a trickster LIE, traveling around dressed in my attire?

But how long? Truth anyways, triumphs!

I know, now, the world harbors no wish to meet a naked or bitter TRUTH,

As you satisfy the needs of society…

Pooja Mandla


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Written by Pooja Mandla

An educator by profession but a word weaver by passion. She likes to enjoy little things in life, not waiting for the bigger ones to come her way.Β  She had done her graduation in the medical stream but often was lost in the literal beauty of words. So after graduation, she studied literature and did her MPhil in English. She believes that the secret ingredient for spreading happiness is writing. So, whenever her energetic kids permit, she expresses her thoughts in words. Writing keeps her going and has given a new shape to her life.


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