The Innocent Mind

Walking on her tiptoe,

The little one stepped into the muddy floor,

Untouched by worldly complexities,

She went beyond the vicinity.

she carried within, a lively soul,

The soul of a happy child,

Having the power of a kite,

That flies to touch great heights.

A dreamer in the morning,

An onlooker by the night,

Eyes expressing the words filled mind,

Lips conveying letters that are kind.


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Written by Patricia Dcruze

My curious self always searches for explanation to the smallest of information that comes across through various means.At times when certain questions go unanswered, I make it a point to give the same an answer by amalgamating carefully coined words that finds home in the world ofย  story and poetry.Writing gives power to my thoughts that otherwise remain silent.

The Girl in a Million