“Thank you”, said the bird to the lion.

Hanging from the tree above with nobody near,

The  crane went on beckoning out of fear.

The sun began to  retreat,

The crane started to shriek.

With things getting silent,

It could hear a roar in the quiet.

With sparkling eyes a voice said,

“Give me your neck to help you out”.

With eyes as wide as the moon the crane replied,

“It’s better I die falling”.

To this the lion replied,

” Why would I come to eat you with a warning??”

Breathing a sigh of relief the crane lifted his eyes,

He understood who would help him to rise.

Without thinking twice the crane stretched his neck,

With His graceful mane, the lion saved the crane.

With grateful eyes, the crane bowed his head,

And said:

“How should I repay for that doubtful moment, I worry,

Won’t make this act small with just a sorry”.


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Written by Patricia Dcruze

My curious self always searches for explanation to the smallest of information that comes across through various means.At times when certain questions go unanswered, I make it a point to give the same an answer by amalgamating carefully coined words that finds home in the world ofΒ  story and poetry.Writing gives power to my thoughts that otherwise remain silent.

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