The Heart that Knew

There he sat,

In a smart olive green,

With his head held high

And chest puffed with pride.

The face looked calm,

Adorned with a soft smile.

His hand held a rifle,

That stood tall and bright.

He seemed lost in thoughts,

Probably of his country.

Or, was it more personal?

As, he too had a family.

He opened his fist

That had a crumpled photo,

Of his twins, whom he

Yearned to hold close.

Moist were his eyes

From all these thoughts.

But he gathered himself

At the sound of the tanks.

As he stood up

To take the guard,

He placed his hand over his heart,

That bore the national flag.

Two shots, from no where,

Brought the mighty warrior down,

With his hand over his,

Bleeding, yet contended heart.

A heart which knew that

Stronger hands in olive green,

Would take care of his

Motherland and the crumpled photo.

Kirti V


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