The Girl on the Window

i love the sound of the rain

their cosy, mushy mutterings

so at night when it pours

i always keep open, the windows and doors;

yesterday night it rained hard

recited the blushing rosebud

the playful raindrops left its fleck 

on her ruddy lips, a diamond speck

the stormy breeze fiddles the curtain

goosebumps, on my membranei

 touch the crumpled bed-sheet

soggy, briny it feels

drizzle kissing the window sill

arms of the clock standing still

mirror shards scattered on the floor

“Who’s whispering behind that door?”

the damp typewriter, 

the rain-soaked papers

glare at me

I know they miss your touch, 

just like me!

carefully, I climb down the wet stairs

the maiden’s words still reaching my ears

they’re praising yesterday’s blood moon

but I’m piping a different tune!

whiizzz! whiizz! I hear the kettle sing

gosh, where the hell did i lose my wedding ring?

messy house, soiled dress, unkempt locks

i’ll again disappoint him; 

Lord! this life sucks

outside the streets are dry but pleasant

only my cottage is drenched, inundated

sauntered, i return to the trash that lay

wondering who’s telling a lie is it me, or they?πŸ’š


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