The experience of wrinkles !

The declining years,dominated by sulky bone

When she endured herself as a crone

Yearned for gossips,giggles and grin

Chitter chatter and companion conversation about who would win

Asking her a recipe was a justification

To talk,to connect,to bridge the gap formation

To include her in part of my existence

Feasibly to make her feel of importance

Also the legacies of special dishes needs to be advanced

But as her aridness glanced

Felt walks to topiary an overload tread

Trepidation of being confined to bed

Constantly triggered her fears,made her dread

Years earlier, when she fulfilled all the expectations

Some unrealistic and some burdensome

Solitary cookers applauded “fab its awesome ”

In geezerhood,looking to enrich the essence of her wholesome

The lodging would exchange with paradise to get perfect bliss

Aha ! A quantum leap for her

As dejected disheartened thoughts blur

Substance inside gets privilege to stir

Fabricated and decorated, a life she created cheered

Confidence shouldered ,connections with dearest antiques reappeared

Shared bygone roller coaster,narrated the nostalgia

Dance drank drove and wrote puns

Stopped to care about the judgemental ones

Was a lead for innumerable to thrive

Age is not a padlock to strife

She was a powerful survivor

charismatic alleys of life

Ketki Jalan


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Written by Ketki

Winter Bliss