The essence of Penance

The euphoric victory did not smell sweet

The muscular athlete contemplated a win of cheat

Adversary if lost, would forfeit the winning funds and be a nomad

Losing funds for him would also mean losing his ailing dad

But the latter suffered defeat and for him, all was shattered

With deceit and treachery, the funds are bespattered

Man becomes inexorable, ruthless and off shore

Victories of perfidy however needed to be atoned for

Hastily the winner’s grandeur was lost and he gnarled

Swirling, calving, crashing came his entire world

The game of artifice he reminisced, chasing peace around

“The things you see only when you slowdown”

Going through this book, he fathomed it’s time for penitence

Bowing down in front of the opponent in repentance

With forgiveness, he benignly healed through expiation

The book by Haemin Sunim, gave his life a new aspiration.

Book – The things you see only when you slow down 

Author – Haemin Sunim


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Written by Ketki

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