The delectable Seduction

A blameworthy turmoil of emotions

A joyride of the amorous pleasurable flashes

A delectable embroil of passionate hisses

A contentment fondled like never before

The effervescence of two amorphous bodies

The warmth sliced into each split of anticipation

Delving inside the raw skin

The limpid juices of trust ensued.

All in the name of lust

The concealment of true love was done.

All was fair for the pair

The only quest was ’till when?’

The frets of the world weren’t conceded

In the room where only the affaire concluded

A thousand lies they spun around the sphere

To let each other drown in the sea of the heaty, lucid seduction.

After all the erroneous dalliance was worth the wad of palters.


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Written by Avni

Diamond Dust

My Diary, My Friend.