The Defiant Cradle

Tears rolled down the cheeks,

Hey its a girl child,

The frowns of  relatives were quite obvious 

as they lament  their  faces

With the coy smile,

The angel was brought to the cradle,

the cradle too was wavy to accept the baby,

No one experienced the angelic touch but the creator,

 the mother in her womb and around the bed,

Her happiness had no bound

but she was defiant  by the nod

             of the people around,

Her (Girl child) acceptance is not so welcome

 but her beauty is the thirst of millions,

She grows to be a daughter, a sister,

               a wife and a mother.

All roles played perfectly to configure,

           the family and the life around.

Meanwhile, she pauses to see her,  

silhouette against her dimming  personality,

The contours of society with its, 

unacceptance has made her shrink,

Leaving behind the personage of origin of life,

Unknowingly to end mankind

            and ablaze humanism.



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Written by Great.S.Upase


Writing is the echo of one's soul,

Song of unheard calls,

And weaving of dreams.



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