The Dead

I wish the tags suffixed

To my name would have been

Bigger than  time

I’d have pulled you out

From the clutch of death

Using all of my healing powers.


But, all of my learnings

Failed to work

More powerful  was the force of time

Than the bond of our love

It took you away from us.

I know, the dead don’t come back.


They say, stop mourning

Lest the dead won’t get a place in heaven.

Is it really true?

A bit of you is missing you

Are you at peace?

A part of you lies unnurtured here

Have you attained moksha?


I don’t understand the laws of dharma

Or the justice of karma.

I just want a protective hand around

To prevent me from falling down

Every time I slip.

* * * * *


What do you think?


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Written by Minati Pradhan

Writer and author, who loves music, art, food and conversation. Enthusiastic about life. A perennial positive person who also happens to be a independent researcher.

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