The Book of My Life

I once opened the book of my life,

The pages popped and loomed up high.

I flipped through the pages one by one,

They were filled with memories in thousands.

The sweetest ones seemed to glow,

Memories that smiled with a rainbow.

The funny ones made me laugh out loud,

Memories with friends who made me proud.

The saddest ones brought tears to eyes,

The pages with them were eulogized.

The darkest ones that raged like a tempest,

Seemed the most agonizing than the rest.

The blank ones still seem a mystery though,

The contents of them I will never know.

Every single page was cleverly woven,

I understood that they had a purposeful connection.

The book has shaped me into such a woman,

Whose unique personality is comparable to none.

Picture : Unsplash

Photographer : Hannah Grace


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  1. Yes the book has shaped you
    None but a person so unique
    Times and days and moments
    Mountains valleys and trials
    All shaped me the very true me….. very beautiful conception. Thank-you for sharing.

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