That time of the year

  • The parched October air

Was too warm still,

To welcome any chill,

And it wasn’t yet that time of the year.


The little grain of gram

Turned around on slow heat

And fluffed up for a fragrant treat,

Ready to melt on an eager palate-

But it wasn’t yet that time of the year.


Houses decked up

Perfumed in fresh paint,

Both the opulent and the quaint,

Dressed up in novel palettes-

But it wasn’t yet that time of the year.


Every little shop

In every little street,

Lined up in inviting fleets,

Hung their lanterns, a tad too early-

For it wasn’t yet that time of the year.


They saw their happiness-

Explode into bright, loud bursts.

Drew scented baths, season’s very first;

In ground glass patterns of welcoming colours-

In anticipation of that time of the year.


Till the sun vanished from the skies

And the moon still did not show,

The first chill flowed

Through the dark lanes-

And it was almost that time of the year.


When lined up like sentinels,

A million earthen lamps

With their little wicks, oil-damped,

Stand fighting the darkness and the chill,

With their little flickering flames.


And the night as bright as day,

Celebrates this descent of the Milky way

Into our homes far and near,

And it is that time of the year-

Diwali is here.



Pic credit: Pixabay


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