That October Noon…

it was an October noon

the sun was glowing bright

tranquil breeze whizzed

frizzy dry leaves that had

tumbled down, rustled,

perhaps whispering about me;

the cloudless sky shined

not a touch of a creamy dollop,

the old rustic waiting room


I sat under its thatched roof

the cobbled path ahead 

stared back,

a few dandelions lay scattered

time was running out

the train would reach this 

vacant station anytime 

with bated breath

I was waiting for him…


my rucksack lay near my feet

the frills of my gown managed to

grab the dirt 

I touched my messy braid, soiled it was,

even my dress was coated with mud

ah! Spoilsport breeze

I heard the distant church bells ringing

suddenly I realised the horizon’s bleeding

I peeked inside the cloakroom

the clock’s arms conveyed, evening

the cowboy in the distance helped 

his herd cross the rails,

clickety-clack sang the tracks and,

coal-steam filled the autumn gust

the train thundered into

the vacant station

pulsating, I scoured every nook

every corner

No trace of him, nor his suitcase 

heartbroken, I crouched 

on the wooden bench,

the train whistled away

leaving smoke trails behind

my heart was

still waiting for him… 


the harvest moon shimmered 

the nightingales piped a mellifluous tune

the damp breeze pricked my bare skin

a cat slithered underneath the seat

the caretaker lighted the tiny lantern

and nodded, glancing at me

I stood up, my long silhouette

crawled on the cobbled path

the guard gestured, again 

night descended in the shanty

but a storm brewed within me

I returned tired,

exhausted, idling the whole day

I looked back at the tiny, empty station

the lantern flames flickered;

perhaps, my heart was still…

waiting for him!πŸ’š


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a GiftπŸ’š

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