tête a tête with a Mermaid!

let me tell you the

story of this mystical dame

seen on bright full moon nights

with her beloved

turtle dove by her side,

swivelling twirling

in the mysterious depth

the trenches, the fishes

the corals and the blues

her bosom friends!


in the Misty island

lived the pretty Mary

where she ran a shell store

her mesmerising beauty

was the talk of the town

but her grace will bring

her curse, hardly she knew,

her tender heart fell for

the handsome mariner

it was a fated meet

and the Almighty, the planner,

every full moon she’d wait

by the shore,

her heart throbbed

with every step of her seafarer!

his alluring personality

attracted all, disguised one day

the witch in the rustic tower

invited him for a ball,

but he denied her proposal

enraged, she cursed him

into a turtle dove,


wandering the damsel

reached the tower

a brawl

and the witch’s greed

the dame transformed into

a translucent mermaid,

since then she’s inhabiting

the ocean’s depths

But every full moon her

lamenting hymns

narrate her fate,

her mourning melodies alert

the mariners never to venture

near the rustic tower

once in a month she decks

herself in the most ravishing

outfits and

waits by the virgin hills

to meet her soulmate

twittering and chattering they

spend the night only to realise

that her lover vanishes with

the first rays of the daylight!💚

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
For Life is a Gift💚

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