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Teddy's Thoughts.

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I’m Teddy! Been living on your bed,

For the past thirty years.

Watched you grow, your wings spread,

Saw you flourish, felt your fears.


I’ve admired you sewing your wedding dress,

To save a few pennies.

Mourned with you when, due to stress,

You lost your first baby.


Cried with you when you soaked your pillow,

All through the fights,

With your lover, your fellow.

Yet, each morn you woke up bright.


Marvelled at your amazing willpower,

When he lost his job due to a nervous breakdown.

You took on the reins, toiled each hour.

You always had your feet on the ground.


Now I am your daughter’s cuddly bear.

I catch you staring into the mirror.

Superwoman? I dare say I do not care.

You are an amazing woman, and that’s just super!


Pic credit: Unsplash: Radu Florin.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

PP Pioneer


Am I or Am I Not A Superwoman?