Teachers… Teachers….

Teachers… Teachers…. 

Man was guided from time unknown,

By a teacher, through his ups and downs.

The Gods, the demons, and the mighty kings,

Had a teacher, sing the nomads. 

The Gods had Brihaspathi,

And the demons, Sukhracharya.

Alexander had Aristotle

And Asoka, Chanakya. 

It just struck me,

They all had just one teacher.

Oh! How lucky are we,

As we have many. 

They teach us varied topics

From science to medicine,

Sports to arts and

Culture to literature. 

They are next to Gods,

As they are the creators themselves.

Creators, of strong pillars

That hold a successful nation. 

Age, status, distance and designation

Are nothing in front of a great relation,

The evergreen relation of love and care

Between a student and a teacher. 

Kirti V


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Written by Kirti V

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