He wears a locket around his neck

Hidden beneath his clothes

Yet to those who enquire politely

He will shyly explain

Passed down by the elders

It’s a talisman of his tribe

He can’t afford to lose it

It’s a symbol of their pride

Oh those blazing eyes!

A talisman of his strength

Of a spirit fuelled by hardships

Seemingly unsurmountable

Or that stellar mind

That holds his class awestruck

Weaving magic with numbers

His theories and logic, a passionate construct

All are spellbound by his aura

The way he holds his head high

With the degree in his hands, precious

The first of his tribe

The locket that he carries

Will have his name inscribed

Today he is truly

A talisman of his tribe.


Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury

Tree of Melancholy