Tale of an undying passion!

at the far end of the rocky ledge, she stands

her gigantic torso crowned with her ebullient gaze

the advancing surf breaking down into 

countless pearls at her heels 

yet her eyes still search for that lost pearl

that once 

rendered her heart a beat,

compelled her eyes to fantasies,

provoked her to love… an unnatural love,

today she stands alone shedding light to the seekers, voyagers, sailors 

but her moist eyes and frozen heart waits for her seafarer’s return

years ago he embarked on a voyage with a promise to return next full moon

thousands of moons passed, yet there’s no trace of his vessel nor any scent of him.

her effervescent stare stagnates on the choppy waters, sighs and swells

her once radiant trunk now skimmed and scarred by each salty splash

on the blond grits, a tiny metal fragment washed ashore, catches her sight

the melting gold peeking from behind the greys, glistening on it;

her mute growls, her voiceless heart halts, “It’s his Boat”

“he never abandoned me, his battle was long over, but I, continue”

and abruptly the thundering greys turn black, pitch black, a thunderbolt

crashing and crumbling she melts into the ocean, her chunks wondering all over the blues

and the age-old Lighthouse sinks gaily to meet her beloved deep into the ocean floors

Bliss! ultimately, boundless hearts meet under the boundless brine.  

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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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