You are born of stardust

Millions of shimmering, sparkling particles course through you

The brilliance of their sharp edges have chiseled you

Enough to sprout wings and fly

Fly Icarus like, close to the sun

But your wings are carved of brave spirits

Strewn across a galaxy of sacrifice and wrongs yet to be righted

Of generations of women

The flaming, raging ball of fire inside you

Can challenge the sun

You hold the power to tame this fire

To the warmth of the hearth

Feed joy, cradle fragile bones & dreams

And endure, find exultation amongst birthing pains

And fulfillment in letting go

You are not just sunflowers and roses

You are the moon, distant yet alluring

The entrancing jasmine and queen of the night

A shape-shifting nocturnal mermaid

Reigning the depths of the ocean, unfathomable

The wisdom of memories runs in your veins

Sewn with the love and tears of maidens from lands you’ve never been

Folklore of grandmothers sung in voices you haven’t heard

Yet whose fabric comforts you at night

And whose lyrics you hum yourself to sleep

This is your tesseract

To catapult you into worlds you are yet to explore

The Superwoman with flaming medusa hair

Adorned with gentle white lilies

The pulsating power of many

Forged into one body, one soul.


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Written by Amrita Chowdhury


SuperWoman… I am not This