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SuperWoman… I am not This

Super Woman

That is not what I longed to be

But I was just made in the journey

That I didn’t  even want to walk

I wanted to be Ordinary

Like the leaf

With hues of gold and green.

That would drift with zypher

And would be left to wander

I never wanted to be in this crazy race

Where  everyone has to put up a face

But to be oneself, have to look for a place.

I wonder how I got caught in the trap

Or did I not see beyond

That’s  how superwoman think I guess

They feel they will fit everywhere, sigh!

I am expecting simple pleasures

A wee bit time to be me

I am sure to accomplish

Why are expectations build

Why is acceptance made mandatory for me

I am just the same as you

And the superpowers are

Only names the world gave to task

That each of us can do.

I only have one power in me

I believe that I am  perfectly ordinary

Perfect is how I shall define

Not really how the world should  judge me

Super power  lies here

When the world sees me smile

And doesn’t even relate that

tear was only held

For the eye to sparkle and not cry

Ordinary Simple woman like me don’t  need

titles, crowns  and capes

Just need a simple thought 

Which reads whatever you do

You make Us proud.




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Written by Fatema

When life took a pause, Writing gave me a voice.

I am simply twisted .

Dentist by profession .

Writer by passion.

Mrs Kantawala at my Mansion.

Mother to awesome childrenΒ  who are a big reason behind my writing.

I pen down my random thoughts as blogs, poems and quotes.

I am very glad to be a part of this amazingΒ  writing platform.

Thank you😊