I am a woman!

A superwoman!

I am Sita-

Digging into the depth of my heart

What did you find –

Fire or gold?

The lolling flames of fire

That’d crack open the earth.


I am a woman!

A superwoman!

I am Ahalya-

Did you think I was dumb, a mere stone?

True, I’ve been silent for ages

My wait for freedom

Ain’t a mere symbol of patience.


I am a woman!

A superwoman!

I am Draupadi-

How loud did you laugh

At the cruelty of my undressing?

Out of naked helplessness,

Came the determination to eradicate the lineage,

Echoed every nook and corner of the palace.


I am a woman!

A superwoman!

I am Shurpanakha-

I’m not afraid of being disfigured

Slashing of nose and ears of my desire.

I am not greedy, as you are for money,

Lost in the shadow of lust.


I am a woman!

A superwoman!

I’m Kaali

Blazing fire in my eyes

I will burn,

I will annihilate

The demons of injustice from the ages.


I am a woman

A superwoman, lives in every woman.

To destroy my existence

You tried a hundred times

But I will rise from the ashes,

And touch the sky.


[PS: Sita, Ahalya, Draupadi, Shurpanakha and Kaali are female characters from Hindu mythology.]

Picture Credit : Victor Rodvang,

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