Steed Ignoble.

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Farmer John bought a steed,

Fierce and wild, her mane a-flutter in the breeze.

He named her Glory,

Fed her choicest sugar lumps, sticky, gooey.

But when he tried to attach the harness,

Glory whinnied, then neighed, the loudest.

She planted a kick on his forehead one afternoon,

Farmer John, in pain, saw the stars and the moon.

β€˜Thou art a steed most ignoble,

If you won’t work on the farm, be gone from my stables’.

You see, Glory here, was born to race.

Sadly, Farmer John sold her off, to save face!


Farmer John and his wife loved their lad George.

They coddled him, smothered him and what-not.

George helped his parents on the farm,

But the work for him held no charm.

He feared his father’s wrath so he ploughed on.

But one summer afternoon, on the farm,

T’was noticed that George was nowhere to be found.

Turns out, George with the travelling circus, was long gone.

β€˜An offspring most ignoble,

We are old now and we do hobble!’

Clutching each other, such a sorry sight.

The couple cried into the night.


Pic credit: Unsplash: Sheri Hooley.


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Written by Natasha Sequeira

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