Sprinkled salts or Raindrops!

rain rain go away

your tangent pours, render my heart bray?

no more excited by the overcast skies

even forgot to decipher the rustling leaves 

Am not shuddered by the sudden lightning

darkness clouds my soul, no trace of lighting.

your pitter-patter crush the memories

i find myself strutting over a puddle of miseries

your incessant torrents saturate my core

salty-sweet moments are now clouds of yore.

the lashing rains no longer kiss my face

the forgotten petrichor don’t yearn for rainy days

paper boats no more sail in my flooded balcony

in the countless shards, i see myself in sheer agony.

the muddy breeze bangs my scrawny cage 

wearing a blue smile i conceal my rage

the buoyant skies are a tale of the past

I know my world is obscured until my life’s last.

the empty bench beneath the beech peers at me

lonely umbrella laments rain-soaked stories of you and me

my spring days are now painted in grey 

rain, oh dear rain please, please go away!


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Written by Sonali Ray

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