Chirping sparrows gather around

Searching for their bites

Hopping here and there, leaving me spellbound

Few others sit on the perch

Enjoying the rain water

Cheerful, I wonder how they’re always stirred


The former ones seem fed

Tree branches have become their bed

Riveted in ceaseless laughter

They’re at solace, unknown to them


The latter ones are now embarking

on their hunger settlement journey

Flying far for seeds, I can hear the murmuring


Melodious sounds surround the air

of chirping birds from far and near

I wish to spend few more moments

of emptiness

in this place of no fear!


Image Credit: Sergio Otoya (Unsplash)


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Written by Nitika Sawhney

I am an aspiring writer. I'm still discovering my strengths and learning the art of poetry and prose.

Professionally, I'm into Internal Communications and feel blessed to have a work life that is closely related to what I am passionate about, Writing :)

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