Sparking Secrets


i pleaded the Wind

if i can borrow its tranquil breeze

it agreed, i inhaled

but the pristine wind 

scurried down my veins

and melted itself in nature.

Possibly, scared by the storm 

that was raging inside!


i requested the Ocean to 

cleanse my weary soul

it accepted, stealthily slithered 

near my heart, but then

i found my secrets lying 

scattered on the shore.

Perhaps, the surf failed to 

haul the burden of secrets!


i held a fistful of the Earth

tightly, thinking in it’d bury 

my smouldering heart 

but the tiny grits

couldn’t bind, oozed

through the crevices, I tightened,

it trickled, forcibly further, 

leaving just a few brittle grains.

Probably, the embers charred

the cool earth!


i embarked to the hills 

with a final hope 

prayed to the Gold to seal 

and heal my wound

the caring Sun agreed,

orange drops cemented 

few slivers, few more to go,

but the thundering greys cloaked Him, 

it poured hard, undoing the ravines.

Maybe, the Gold felt scared

glimpsing the burning maze within! 

cheerfully, i strode ahead!

my secrets: my remedy

my fantasy: my strength

inking each desire, every dream 

i bottled them, 

left in open nature for days

sunshine teased them,

moonbeams kissed them,

then when they ripened

unlocking the lid, took a handful

rubbed them on my palms

And, a strong whiff;

sprinkles of stardust travelling light-years

now enlighten the Space.

contented i smile,

every wish you make

every step you take

every dream you seek

it’ll be fulfilled

in the flicker of each star! 


What do you think?


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Written by Sonali Ray

Breathe, Smile, Love, Live!
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