Soul Song

somewhere in the horizon

where the sky meets the sea

you’ll find me

that moment of the day

when the sun sleeps and 

the moon wakes 

you’ll find me

on the rugged, barren cliffs

when downpour surges 

a bubbly frothy stream

you’ll find me

when in nightfall, millions of 

stardust lights the sky yet it

misses its Jasmine

you’ll find me

when the tired breeze

finally naps on the soft petals 

in your garden 

you’ll find me

when a soggy pearl

sheds itself on your windows

but the earth smells arid

you’ll find me.

when your eyes feel dreamy 

reading your favourite book

somewhere in those 

spaces between the lines

you’ll find me.


when your heart is heavy

eyes moist, lips unmoved,

when your tired shoulders 

refuse to rest your 

burdensome head,

somewhere in the 

rims of your soul

in your dripping pearls

in the corners of your lips

you’ll find me, 

always! πŸ’š


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Written by Sonali Ray

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